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Recent picture of main entrance of the UMCG hospital, in times of national catastrophe due to a pandemic. As you can see, the situation has gone completely out of control ! Dying people everywhere. Oh wait ummm…

I didn’t wait for low traffic, this was in the middle of the day on a random moment. Don’t believe it ? Go there yourself and see it for yourself. it is even more quiet here than usual.

On the first curfew in the Netherlands since the Nazi occupation in the second world war, I have decided to protest the curfew on the city square of Groningen. I had hoped to find others there, but there where none. The plan was to protest it from before the start of the curfew, to half an hour into it, and then go home (by sneaky back alley roads, to avoid getting caught). I don’t know why I had that plan to first walk on the city square right in the open, and then sneak back home. In any case, it didn’t come to the latter.

This is a combination translation, pointing to a number of Dutch postings.

This tells the story in Dutch. I protested by walking around the edge of the square, with a small sign reading on one side “Emergency condition: power abuse”, simply in hand as if carrying something normally (some text more on the other). Near the end of the protest, a journalist came to talk to me. His paper later published: (link), and another paper: (link).

Just when the tower hit 9:30 and I was starting to walk home (to bicycle), I was cut off by some friendly police officers, who gave me the fine.

The fine itself and my paper of complaint. Below it are pictures of the hospitals in our city of Groningen. As you can see: nothing is going on. The whole thing is mad and shocking. I am going to argue with the court that there is no emergency, and therefore these measures or laws or however else they might put it, are invalid. No emergency, than an emergency law is not applicable.

This is an article back from a lawyer firm, who wrote that they do not see a possibility to win the case on principle grounds. Only grounds of principle to reject this fine, can help lift the curfew from the Netherlands, therefore only such a complaint has any use. This isn’t about this particular fine.

Send the group “Virus Waarheid” a message, writing to them I was receiving a fine and going to court over it. Perhaps they might be interested in the case, or help out with it. This is the group who won the case against the curfew recently, which verdict was later suspended until the Court of Appeal case this next friday.

This is my verdict on the court case which suspended the verdict of the earlier court, the verdict which lifted the curfew. Suspending that verdict meant the curfew will stay in force until the Court of Appeal has looked at the case.

Aforementioned lawyer firm send me a message (pro bono), explaining to me recent developments regarding the Corona legislation. I’ve send them a message back, writing how I would in all cases argue: there is no crisis, therefore these measures are false. I want to see if the Judge is with or against our democracy under law.

Below it comes some propaganda, regarding how the police is now becoming the enemy of the public. The police is forced by these political decisions regarding Corona hysteria to break up people who are having meetings, organizing politically, and so on. This is an unacceptable breach of our civil political rights.

Without these rights, we do not live in a democracy. It is this kind of repression, which was part of Spanish tyranny, against which the Netherlands emerged as the Nation it is today. This is a deeper issue than merely which law is valid, and if procedure has been followed by the States General. This is pitting the police against honorable citizens, who are doing what our country needs.

The police is made into the enemy of the people. It becomes morally just to fight back against these kind of breaches. At which side should honorable, law abiding citizens stand, if the police becomes a mob attacking people who do good, without reason ? How should we understand any riots from now on, not knowing whether they where started out of abuses committed by the police against honorable citizens ? (etc.)

Propaganda work:

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