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This English news stream has not been kept up to date recently. This shouldn’t matter too much, because what little is happening is barely worth mentioning in any case, and still available in Dutch. The news stream is meant to give the reader a sense of reality around this proposal on Even if almost nothing happens, it can be important for some people to have a feeling of who and what is behind it, and if any successes are being achieved (nope, no success yet !). Anyone can make claims on the Internet. Across national borders and cultures it becomes harder to contextualize and judge something, if circumstantial information is absent or limited. Since this proposal is about democracy, in a way so serious people are generally not familiar with, it seems fitting to follow a policy of extensive information sharing, including sometimes fairly trivial matters.

Questions of more serious people may include: who is financing this thing (nobody is, just the private money, time and effort of the author), who is creating this (nobody else besides the author, by design to be honest), is this part of some sort of educational purpose (it is not), is there any sort of oversight or direction by “more educated people” (there is not, thank goodness), how many people have worked on it (only one person), and is the goal to make money from book sales (certainly not), or gain some sort of political power (this is an interesting topic, and I see that the whole thing can be ruined by the idolatrous nature of the populations and they may well ruin it this way, which is something I would regret but fortunately also something which hopefully resolves itself through death; besides this I have my thoughts on the matter on how to reduce the problem as much as possible if it became a threat, which I think it will if this whole proposal is going to reach a level of great success).

How to proof any such claims as just made between parenthesis ? While it seems doubtful any sort of true evidence can be made through the Internet, especially in a world so full of chaos and lying as we are living in, to keep showing bits of more or less trivial “news” should paint a picture of reality which by its increasing detail would become harder and harder to fake.

Reality and truth are harmonious — beautiful if you like. The truth is deep, its colors are infinite as is the level of its detail. It is as wide as the ocean, as deep as the Earth. Wherever you dig, one piece of the puzzle will eventually fit all other pieces.

The lie on the other hand, is fractured. It is like a broken mirror with only a few pieces still left, reflecting carefully chosen facts while trying to ignore the broadness of the real world. It is a keyhole vision, obsessive repetition of the same, contorted logic, pieces which make no sense together. The liar prefers to present a short and sweet picture, because no human can hold in his mind the infinite richness of reality.


The latest most important effort of late has been to protest Corona hysteria, in particular the idea of forced vaccinations. Forced vaccinations are a death threat, they also represent tyranny. It is a duty to fight against it, and defend others from being assaulted by the criminals. What I ended up doing, besides having a paper behind my window with a few words, is to tour 100 km every friday with a banner on my bicycle.

The first instance was in honor of a 3 day “national protest” called for by the group, 50 km. Since then I have repeated it every Friday, 100 km. The banner was purchased from their website, and is a play on the word dictatorship. The word “dictat” has been substituted by the Dutch word for an injection, jab, shot, vaccination or however one wishes to call it. The closest English word is “prick”, as in “getting stung”. It seems obvious the two words in both English and Dutch have the same root. “NO PRICKTATORSHIP” (the letter “I” replaced by a syringe). In a narrow sense, it protests against a policy of forced injections.

For every round I’ll snap a cool picture of my always awesome “road bike”, my beloved Bianchy Gold race special (good old fashioned iron).

home sweet home
Central Market, Groningen
Building where local TV station also resides, guilty of still making Corona hysteria when it is clear there is no national emergency.
Starting point of the route.
West side just beyond our city limits.
Crossing near Zuidwolde
Court of Justice
Vismarkt (local election sign)
Provincial Council building, Groningen
Large circulation newspaper “Daily for the North” (full of Corona hysteria)

In keeping with above mentioned goals of giving some background information to improve trust through knowledge, I’ll briefly explain how this road biking mini adventure got its start, and how it relates to the proposals on this website.

Since 2008 it was clear (to me at least) how the world had ratified World War 3, by saving the banks using freshly minted money. The bottom had just fallen out of our society, which meant there was nothing left to stop organized gangsters from bringing society down entirely, after having sucked out whatever they could. They would then be faced with an angry mob, unless they could distract people with something else. What distracts people better than their own death ? In any case, this has all happened before, from ancient Rome to the Weimar Republic.

It was clear from 2012 how people where unwilling (as expected) to choose for Justice and Peace (which are factors which I do not believe people in the main understand what they truly imply). The essential points of a program such as mine (or indeed, such as made by Moshe Rabeinu, also known as Mozes (!)) had been long neglected and ignored, therefore war in some form or the other became a certainty. War and general collapse implies a need to be well supplied and physically fit, ideally to a level of being able to overturn a tyrannical regime through combat. Somewhere in 2012 I have added the combative elements to the program, since humanity had chosen to go to war on each other once again (for no reason, but they do not seem to comprehend that in the main). Hence I have gathered some books and began or improved personal training, following the recommendations found.

The recommendation involved a fair amount of walking with a ruck sack. Think of military marches and the like, besides some other training. I didn’t do it at an exceptionally intense level, but just tried to get into a decent routine. The goal is not to be the next Rambo (when you are already 45+ years old). Any amount of improvement helps. I stuffed something like 30 kg in there, a bit excessive maybe, but the distances where not great.

When Corona came along and it seemed to me at first this was likely an all out attack by the ruling class with the worst bio terror weapon they managed to produce, I had an unpleasant chance encounter during walk training with weight: someone overtook me walking while coughing like I have never seen anyone cough before or since. It was like in a comedy, by the worst actor in the class. Since I still believed this was possibly the worst attack the ruling class could manage on their own populations, it seemed to me important to avoid contracting whatever they where releasing and attempting to spread around by their non-existing Corona measures. Who still remembers that the politicians did their best to spread the disease in the first months ? This seems to have been erased from the news, but they did.

To cut this meaningless chatter short: after trying once to do an hour of walk training indoors (enough to go nuts walking back and forth with 30 kg for an hour), I then hurt my left arm in bow shooting practice. Now I could do barely any training anymore, and so I decided to make a round on my regular city bicycle. After a round or two I noticed my 20 year old Bianchi road bicycle (“race bike” as we call it). Training on a bicycle is useful for bad times in various ways, so that’s how it came about. Riding on the old roadie is an extension of training for war and collapse.

When the banners came in the mail, they where much larger than I had expected. My idea was to strap one around my waist and back, and do my normal training with a little added protest to it, not unlike other forms of advertising on vehicles. Since I had given the shop a double amount of money as a gift, they had instead of taking the money decided to just give me double what I had ordered. This is how I came to posses these two quite large banners. The only way to make use of them was by stringing them along the bicycle. Because the signs are on the large side and somewhat unpleasant during ordinary training, it makes sense to only ride with them ever so often.

That’s the end of this story. Not entirely though, since every week I will still ride on until this evil of Corona hysteria and tyranny has passed.

You can come ride along, which should make a bigger impact. In the Dutch news stream there are some more details, plus some over the top deliberations about this and general protest strategy.

All able bodied men should train for war, and supply their house well. In the short term the absence of war may be certain, in the long term it is certain there will be another big war. By the looks of it, the western culture is more or less spend. It is past its peak and is going into decline. We are in the period of decadence and decay, where corruption mounts quickly. While it may not be certain what is going to happen precisely, it is wise to be prepared. Personal training should also include studying basic war tactics, such as small unit tactics. This helps with confidence and brings any effort against tyranny faster to a more potent level, which might save people their lives in the end. If your hobby was postage stamp collecting, perhaps this is a good time for trying something different. Maintain normal life at the same time, would be my second suggestion. Don’t go too crazy with it, either. War is not the biggest thing. Being nice to other (good) people is the main force in human society. If people mastered it, there would be no threat of war. Unfortunately, the world is what it is (for now).

You have been warned, and shown a way out.

Propaganda work:

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