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Greetings, kind sir Edward Snowden.

Since you no doubt get a lot of messages from strangers … I’m the author of free verified democracy voting software, which was published in Linux Magazine 2003, and also authored a free book about how to spread economic/political power to all people, which might interest you (I hope). This proposes how we can achieve a free, open and peaceful society, both in the State and the economy, which is very difficult (primarily because people are just not that well behaved, but that doesn’t mean we will have to accept the status quo). The program I am suggesting is rather detailed and long term. You can read up on it on my website at (everything is free, I don’t accept donations either).

I decided to write this to you, because you said in an interview that we cannot trust elected leaders, which is of course true. In the proposal I make (to you as well, of course) an election/representative system is developed which works on groups of just 50 citizens. The whole thing is far too detailed to even summarize it here, sorry. I understand if you cannot even read all your messages from strangers, let alone reply. Have a great day, best regards: Jos Boersema, The Netherlands, Groningen.

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