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Party for the Animals is a Dutch political party with the aim of improving the condition of the natural environment. The following emails have been send to the scientific bureau of said party: e-mails in Dutch.

The e-mail send contained a brief outline of four components of what – in the opinion of undersigned – would make a healthy economic system: land as a right for all (for the individual), democratized businesses after the entrepreneur retires and the business is of sufficient size (for the group), limits on wealth accumulation and for profit investment (for the economy as a whole), and a more directly democratic State (for society as a whole).

Received was a reply that this message was being forwarded to the other members in the scientific bureau, and links to the Party for the Animals their program, including for the city of Groningen for which there are elections shortly.

A second e-mail was send in reply to the Party for the Animals, quoting a  section in the Party for the Animals program (see below,) detailing the proposed system for land distribution on market.socialism.nl. People should receive land … a) In a to them meaningful way (close enough to their residence, not only agricultural land but also parcels for industry with the necessary access roads). b)  People need to be able to rent out their land to others, in order to facilitate the spread of economic power upon which an economy depends, to prevent a minority to gain access to cheap land with newly invented trickery. c) People should be able to swap their land with each other, again to cut out a central player (such as the Government itself), to keep the balance of powers in the economy.

:: The Party for the Animals pleads for a sustainable economy with the necessary solidarity, which can sustain the current generation, without risking the conditions future generations will enjoy. The natural resources have to be distributed fairly, leaving enough for people in other parts of the world, for the coming generations and for the animals.(link)

It is necessary to detail such issues, or nothing will likely come of it. We have seen that happen in parliamentary history.

Update 3 Dec 2018: No further reply received from the Party for the Animals.

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