Hello WSWS, Fourth Socialist International,

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Hello WSWS, Fourth Socialist International,

I would like to present to you and ask your reaction to the program proposed on my website market.socialism.nl. It is quite a large program, so I will try to summarize it for you here.

The basic idea is that power should be spread to all, both economic and political power. The program identifies 4 such powers as the most critical, one is the State, and the other three are economic powers. The economic powers would be: financial, businesses, and natural resources. Who owns the investment Capital, and how is it used. Who owns the businesses, and who owns the natural resources, without which there is nothing.

A typical Communist / Stalinist answer to the economic question is that everything should be under the State. However, this centralizes power. The idea here is to *distribute* power, not to centralize it, and to keep it so distributed. In the Capitalist system, power centralizes, which leads to: the abuse of the workforce because the work force has no more power, extreme wealth disparity, Plutocracy, Fascism, war and Tyranny.

This program calls for: the right to start a private business needs to exist, because it is a power of a person, any person. There is nothing wrong in principle with a one person business, indeed it is a good way to live when not exploited in some way. However businesses get large and then very large, which is centralizing power again. They also tend to become ever more abusive. The idea is to force a business by law, if above a small size, to become a co-operative when the starter retires.

The power spreading principle for natural resources is simple in principle, but far reaching: everyone needs to have their inalienable right to an equal value share of the natural resources honored. This incidentally guarantees full employment, because having land is having work. Having land means the ability to start work and trade, without needing investment, without the need to become a debt slave or face the games of the super rich with their money.

Then the third power being money: private wealth should be maximized (I propose a fairly high 30 times average in the Nation, to allow the economy some room to play). Lending to businesses should only happen to co-operatives, because lending to dictatorial businesses is likely the most profitable. That effect needs to be negated. Businesses should also not be too large (I propose a maximum size of 2000 full time working people.)

The State question, which today is the question of Parliament, I have tried to answer by developing a system of Council Government, inspired on the 1917 Revolution in Germany and Russia (but not the subsequent Leninist Revolution, which seems to have centralized control). People can vote in groups of 50, elect a delegate, the delegates form Councils also by 50 or more people. For larger area Councils a Council would get very large (thousands of Delegates), and then they would divide into sectors, each sector electing one of their own. It may be hard to accept for some people, but Empires never work, and that is also true for ‘socialist’ Empires. The scale of the Sovereignty needs to be of adequate size, and certainly not too large. Large size Empires are no guarantee for the absence of war, either.

These things and a lot more is worked out in to several Constitutions, which can be ratified from more general principles down to more detailed laws, so that the ratification process actually has a meaning. Naturally the people can change everything during the ratification, that is why it is a ratification process (by Referendum).

Besides an end goal system for society, I am also proposing 9 methods of achieving these goals, which range from doing propaganda (as I am doing now), to engaging the economy as it is, engaging politics and setting up a new Government as an experimental good cause organization, to a militarized fight – if need be – to protect *everyone* (not merely socialists or “our group”) against tyranny.

This whole proposal is completely free, you can download it for free and it is in the public domain (except the democracy software, which is free software under the GPL – GNU General Public License.)

It would be interesting to hear what you think of this proposal. I made it because the eastern block with its supposed socialist countries failed, and there seemed to not be a good answer to that failure. I think it is a major mistake of the left overall to not understand that markets are a good thing, because they should be about balance. A market relation is – if done right – a handshake between free parties. It becomes something grotesque in the Capitalist system, because all power goes to one side, and rather than an example of ‘the market’ that is an example of the destruction of what a market should be.

I would like to hear your reaction, and will record it on my website. Have a nice day.

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