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Send a reaction to this Dutch political initiative called “New Democracy”, because it seemed to have a broad democratic agenda. They seem to want to make the members control those whom where generally elected in Government(s), by way of internal voting. They also seem to want to dissolve the First Chamber in the Dutch States General.

The reaction which I send them, argues the case for the program on in general, with a focus on its political system. It argued against the dissolving of the Dutch Senate (First Chamber), because it seems sorely needed to have another look at what the Second Chamber has been deciding in cases of new law. They seem to want to replace the Dutch Senate (First Chamber) with certain “experts” whom the election thereof is not clarified. I am strongly against this part of their plan.

They turned out to possibly be a party which wants to make suicide legal (!), with other parts of the program filled in to become a party with a broad program (there is nothing wrong with that in principle, as a strategy). I have also made arguments against this. I strongly oppose their position on this.

While they claim to want to be democratic, they wanted to define a set of objectives which where immutable, which included their suicide proposal. On principle there is also nothing wrong with that, because once you draw votes on a program, you want those voters to have their choice honored, hence a number of objectives which they have determined to be non-negotiable. Among these goals was apparently their objective on suicide (which I oppose strongly!).

I have suggested that the way we can keep our elected politicians under control, is through the method of Council Government. Small groups electing a Delegate, can easily replace their choice. I am doubtful about the practicality of having immutable non-negotiable goals in the party program. Perhaps it would be an interesting experiment. Notice how politicians are elected on personal title. They can still do whatever they please, although they may have to leave this party to do so. It isn’t otherwise enforceable.

I regretfully have to suggest not to vote for a party, who wishes to make suicide legal. There will be many suicides, which did not need to happen ! What is worse than that ?


This new party replied that they had no time to reply to the content of my reaction, due to being busy with administrative duties relating to the upcoming elections.

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