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The group had posted a message, asking who had “a plan”, referring to a plan to deal with the many issues facing society. The kind of problems labor unions and political parties tend to focus on. This group sits on the far left, and consists of at least some or all FNV labor union cadre (for which I have been active as well).

I have send them an e-mail, suggesting I had a plan. In this e-mail I also pointed out that a serious democracy was probably not going to be easy, due to misbehavior of the population itself.

A message came back, writing that the author of said article did not wish to respond, but would leave the matter to the editors of that group. Subsequently a message was send back, writing that my proposal was “hopeless” and all around bad, without making any arguments. It appeared they had been angered by me pointing out the problems with democracy and the behavior of the Dutch population, asking who I was referring to precisely.

It turned out the person replying had not studied my website, but promised to do so later. I replied at length about my proposals (in Dutch), suggesting that these replies should suffice to get the broad picture about these plans. The last reply wished me good luck on my plans, writing that there are diverse attempts to wage the struggle [against the current Capitalist order, and all that is wrong with it], suggesting that we are both working on the same problem, but in different ways. Their attempt lies primarily in the labor union, and focuses on alternative self organization, internal / external democracy, and the creation of a counter force. {Comment here on this page alone: It is unclear to me how these objectives do not coincide with the proposals which I have made.}

No further messages where sent, except in a last reply I wondered when or if the labor union was going to do something against the ongoing Corona hysteria. I wished them good luck with their opposition, and wrote that it is a good thing there is opposition to the mainstream within the labor union, which is too far to the political right to my personal taste, adding to come by their website from time to time.

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