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At the end of below linked to interview (link), Dan Astin-Gregory (website link) interviewing Wolfgang Wodarg (website link), they are both calling for a system of elections (a polity) which matches the system worked out on this website (market.socialism.nl (link)). Therefore they where both send the following message. (The meaning of a direct democracy, at least in this case, is to have the ability to remove and replace people who have been elected to represent a constituency at any moment.)


Hello Dan Astin-Gregory and the team, Dear Wolfgang Wodarg²,

After listening to your pandemic podcast¹, perhaps you would have an interest in the below proposal for our society (economy and State). It is a rather comprehensive program, which also describes in detail how a system of direct elections can work. The goal is to spread power to all, but do so in an effective manner which takes into account that people are not ideal creatures. All in all, much of how society works now would remain similar, however it should become harder to centralize power in the economy and the state, and individuals will have more political and economic power unto themselves.

This concerns not only an architecture, but also the implementation plan, at least on broad points mainly to do with the methodologies and structures of power, certainly *not* assuming we will be able to do this from the top down. The whole thing is rather detailed, because I do not want corrupt and evil people to start messing with a good goal, which they will surely do if things are left vague (see history).

http://www.socialism.nl/book4/gratis/Distribute_power-combibook_2.8.pdf (link) Page 429 Visualization of the election system.

best regards,
Jos Boersema
The Netherlands

¹) “SWINE FLU AND COVID: PANDEMIC DEJA VU? / WITH DR WOLFGANG WODARG 9TH JUNE @ 17:00 UK TIME”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLMeJgA47qE (link)

https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-wolfgang-wodarg-d%C3%A9j%C3%A0-vu-the-comparison-of-swine-flu-and-c-19-pandemic-pandemic-podcast_A59yLkftGSRqA2r.html (link)

²) Send by webform


The following comment was also placed under aforementioned videos:

http://www.socialism.nl/book4/….gratis/Distribute_po (link) 429 Visualization of an election system, precisely on the concept that they are talking about at the end. This model is known as a Räterepublic, or Council Government (the population themselves forms councils). It failed back then (Germany 1917), in my view, because the system was not worked out at all, it seems. it was random what they where doing. It failed in Russia 1917 because the voting circles became too large. Perhaps they didn’t see that there is different solution to the size problem: keeping the voter circles (base councils) small enough, and then creating where needed large councils, which in turn go out in sectors which elect a smaller council. The benefit is that you are already dealing with a rarified element in the elected council, rather than base population, with all its many problems. I think therefore it will possibly work better this way. I think it should only be done once, however, otherwise the election steps to the Sovereignty become too many, and influence from the base is lost that way. Eventually everything has a limit, and therefore Nations should not be too large (today in the world, many of them are far too large, which is a likely result of needless Empire building).

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