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This is part of a currently ongoing e-mail conversation. This is published here, because ① there isn’t anything else going on, ② the ruling class sees all e-mails everyone sends and therefore has a good idea about what people think while normal people have to play blind, and this is an effort to open it up at least to a degree (relevance and privacy allowing) to ordinary people what might be going on here, ③ it is nice to receive some positive feedback or feedback at all for that matter, ④ the topics are relevant & general.

Someone suddenly wrote a reply to a 5 year old comment on youtube, asking the opinion of undersigned about issues regarding Corona & “The ‛Great’ Reset” ruling class propaganda. The reply on youtube was (of course?) promptly deleted by youtube, without giving any reason or giving any alert regarding their destruction of writings, regarding which they seem to also in general to give no guidance of what the American censor deems acceptable or not. Some testing seems to show youtube deleting comments is done automatically. I do not know why some comments are deleted and others not.

In any case, all comments made are locally recorded. After alerting the other person to this website, some e-mail back and forth started to occur. The other person seemed to be quite complimentary, writing such things as:

You make great points on the tyranny they are trying to have regarding covid and would like you to explain more of that and honestly anything else you would like to say in general. Thank you (…)

Yes I am from the USA, I should have said American Revolutionary War. I find it sad that there are not many people who appreciate your work. I think what you do and know is absolutely amazing. The longer your responses, the better so don’t be concerned about that. (…)

(Quotes from received e-mail.)

Needless to say, that’s quite nice to hear for someone who never knows when to stop ! (lol). The directly below is an e-mail reply, with the deleted youtube comment. The name of the recipient has been removed.

Youtube comment (link) by other person:

dude…. holy crap. You are a wealth of information and I want to pick at your brain. What are your thoughts on the current covid pandemic and the true purpose behind it? And also the great reset. Please respond I’ll listen to anything you have to say man. I wish I could just talk to you. I know it’s been 5 years I hope you’re still here 🙁

Hello [Name Removed],

Thanks for writing me and finding the e-mail. Let me find the comment and quote it here:

@[Name Removed] Lol, you aren’t puling my leg, are you ? Anyway: they knew they where going to destroy our currencies with the national Debt pyramid scam. With that crisis being engineered to be exploited, they don’t want the blame. They don’t want people understanding why this what we see now is all happening. They needed a different reason for why the currency was blowing up and the economy was being wrecked. That’s what Corona is in part about, it gives people an excuse to blame for the Collapse of the financial system / currency / economy.

I also think that, because they where going to wreck it all anyway, there was no reason to “play fair” with anything anymore. Hence they looted at will (see the Pentagon for example). Corona helps them initiate a tyranny, because that’s how it can work. Medical people have been used before to create a tyranny, to detain dissenters, and to do the most horrible people mankind can even think off. The Great Reset is, in my opinion, a rebranding of this collapse.

Mind you I do think the economy _also_ collapses due to their Corona measures, but I see it like they where looting the bank and causing total chaos in that building, and then when they thought they needed to get away they set it on fire, which caused even more destruction to that building. I think they will eventually move to World War III to cover themselves and entrench their tyranny, and apparently to reduce the population. The “Great Reset” is I suspect also a way to make the ruling class generally enthusiastic about the new dictatorial systems they want to roll out. It is “great” (fun, awesome, or if you don’t like it you better realize right now that this is the official policy from the top, so you can work on faking you like it).

(Deleted youtube comment, by author of this website)


The following is an e-mail, which one might say is more or less an introduction to the whole thing proposed on this website, and how this can perhaps move from “talk” to “action”. It could have been written to anyone. (Note that it was allowed to write at length ! Be careful if you allow that ! 😉


Hi again [Name Removed],

Even if it sometimes takes me a while to get to my e-mail, it is quite unlikely (at this point) that I won’t reply, because — like I said — nobody cares about “my work” (lol). Except you hahah. I also think it is sad how nobody cares about ideas put forward by someone like me. It doesn’t have to be me, and I’m sure there are thousands of others, maybe tens of thousands, who have good ideas and likewise are completely ignored and often harshly attacked, for no reason whatsoever. I think it is sort of a “state of the world” or something. Anyone with a good idea which might threaten the ruling class and the bankers, is just going to get hated for it, no matter what. If it happens to me, I’m sure it is probably just a symptom of a much wider thing. People worship power !

Oh my goodness, you allow me to write at length ! I’ve never heard anyone say that, lol. In that case, what about reading the 600+ pages of my book ? That is basically all that I have to offer. It is also just one PDF, you can download it, spread it further too if you like. I put it in the public domain.

The “tyranny part of economics”, I think that is the essence of the whole thing. I think the essential mistake of our society, is the way we treat land ownership, because ever since our forefathers defeated the Feudal system: peace, a State under Law, and at least a form of representation which could work, are the common ideology and they are implemented at least at a certain level. Perhaps that level isn’t even too bad either. We do vote, we had a paper ballot. We could argue that there is hope even on the war front, because while the wars are based on lies, there is at least a hope that the lies can be exposed and stopped. I also see a lot of people, at least in my area, who are really quite friendly people. They may believe everything the Government and newspapers say, but I think there is some hope so long as they tend to try to be on friendly terms with each other.

We got all that good, but the whole system still goes down into dictatorship and tyranny, and I think the answer is in the economy. The power centralizes so much, that those who own that power start to be able to grow without limit in said power, until … they can install a private central banking system and literally have private control over the public money system itself (in the USA this happened in 1913), they can continually merge, take over or destroy competitor businesses, they can almost limitlessly start new businesses, they can take control over the mass media (which in the USA they did with the Council of Foreign Relations, CFR), they start to have so much money that they can bribe anyone who can be bribed in the Government, they can fund scientific research both technically, but also social-political research to maximize their control. In 2008 they conquered the Treasury, and since a long time they have been running the National Debt pyramid game, which was bound to get out of control and produce the crisis we are now in. With all their money and influence, they are so far successfully using this crisis to escalate their control even further.

The whole thing comes out of the economy, in my opinion at least. It isn’t a failure of the State, it is a failure of the economics. The essential failure is: unnecessary/dangerous centralization of power, or say: wealth (money), ownership of just too much stuff.

Hence the solution I chose: distribute power. We need to alter the economy in such a way, that to keep power spread out within it, is a strong and inescapable part of our economic system. While other factors also matter, like prohibit companies to become too big or one person to just become too crazy rich, I think land is the most fundamental of the economic powers, and it should be fixed to the individual. Land is freedom. They say about the USA that it is a “free country”, but that was only true, for as long as the land was free for the taking. Perhaps that was even what they meant. Today you cannot get free land in the USA, you have to pay for it and so on. That is not free. USA is not a free country anymore. It is a closed country, a controlled country, a country of renters.

We could start businesses which are co-operative if we wanted to, we have laws of progressive taxation as well, we had the principle in our culture — until it was destroyed not long ago — where mergers and just too crazy big companies where not allowed. We in the Netherlands had a Government entity called the “Mededingingsautoriteit”, who was supposed to watch over mergers which produced too large a controlling company. The threat was the monopoly business, or the cartel. We had those principles, and even though they where weak, at least we had them. I also think nobody really accepts private central banks controlling our money, not if they really understood it.

The one thing which we completely do not have, where all our nations are a complete failure: the land ownership. We don’t allow freedom. I think therefore that this should be a spear head of economics, which we should try to teach people. Land should be free. Once you have your equal value share of land, no matter how insane everything gets, you can still have your life on your land. You can still try to raise chickens and sell the eggs. You can still work, you can still be human. You can try to weather the storm of the evil gangsters who reign. You can use your land even as a meeting, staging and training ground, to combat a growing tyranny. Land is life !

In the Netherlands, just as an example: we can rent very cheap space for vegetable gardens, and that is what I do (I have something like one 110 m², one 50 m² and some smaller parcels). Guess what: we are prohibited from selling what we produce ! This is how we get strangled, right on our own soil, because they don’t understand the principles behind what I would call “correct” economics (regarding land at least). Their logic is: we — the commons — provided you the land for very cheap, but in return you cannot compete “unfairly” due to that cheapness with the other farmers, who must pay for their land. Never mind that many farmers don’t pay for their land anymore either, because they have long since payed it off (thank goodness for them, but not so good if they become a menace due to their extremely wide land control, denying others the same freedom). The whole thinking is wrong, and I think that if we want to set a step in the right direction, what we need is to strengthen the things which aren’t too bad at all (mentioned above), but then try to initiate this point: the land should be FREE, for ALL.

I just want to fly to a large island (maybe like 1000-2000 acres) with a bunch of people to live a sustainable life away from the tyrants lol

(Quote from the e-mail this is a reply to.)

Yes definitely. You touch on the exact same point here: land. We can never get that kind of land, or if we did we will be slaves to a killer morgage. We would be slaves either way, with or without that land. That’s the bind they have us in. Now Bill Gates is apparently the largest land owner in the USA. The USA has long since been a Plutocracy (rule by the rich).

In terms of Revolution or something, I think you should think very small. Like: defend yourself and your neighbor from a Corona kill shot, or form a small 3 men propaganda team and start plastering some propaganda in the streets and take it from there. If we start thinking about the end result of a complete Revolution in one State in the USA, or a country like the Netherlands, that is just too impossible a goal. We could only as simple people do small things, but we can still try to do them in such a way that if enough others went in the same direction — which maybe we could affect with propaganda and having arguments — that it could work out correctly in the end even for the whole State or the whole Country. I think that is the way to look at it: start as an individual, try to group up with just a few, and try to do such a good and smart job with those few, have so well thought out ideas, that if a fair amount of others would do the same, good things can happen. That is basically all we can do, right ? We don’t even have the moral right to force people to our will, either.

Naturally the plan I propose for such individual action, is in the book I wrote. It contains 9 methods of struggle, which become increasingly strong. The 4 most forceful methods should only be deployed if necessary, although you can always prepare for them. I think this is all explained on the front page on my website, if you scroll down.

What do you think about free land for all, and what do you think about these 9 methods.

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t help you or me if we want to just fly away to a whole lot of free land. It isn’t going to happen, and even if it could, it doesn’t help our people. What we need to try, is to reform the land we are on. This land is ours ! We have to take it back. We cannot run away, we have to stand and get things right on the soil we are right now. Somehow we have to make people understand, or reach enough of a mass so that we can become a Sovereign Nation and this may imply the migration away from our soil of those people who are against us¹ and what we want to do on our land.

The Netherlands had to fight 80 years of war, to become free from Feudalism. If we aren’t willing to fight as long or even longer, I think we have given up and accepted our lot as slaves. We have to do what we can, even if we die trying, which we probably will. The whole struggle to get things right, basically becomes our life. By that being our life, we learn and in turn become hopefully ready and molded to be of good enough character to actually make such a world a success, because we may really not even be good enough right now. A real democracy is a serious thing, to keep that going right. The struggle is needed, I belief, to better ourselves.

Although it is possible to start anywhere you like, or even innovate your own mechanisms and goals of course (either completely your own plan, or hybrid with my plan or whatever you like doing), at least in my proposed plan I guess it basically starts with propaganda, and that is what our e-mails are. We are exchanging information, we are sort of doing propaganda with each other. I am trying to push propaganda into you, to recruit you as it where, right ? Not recruit as a slave, but as a free person, who wants to be free and good, and for me the same of course (like equal people who don’t want slavery, but rather peace & justice for all). So we are already doing it right now, we already started on the program. We can expand on it, try to reach more people.

However my plan (you asked me not to care about length, so I just blubber on endlessly … lol), which of course I propose we basically get to go do, is rather big, and you don’t know it yet. In that sense for me the question becomes: what parts of it do you like, do you even want to investigate that plan or not, and if there are parts which you do like, to what extend do you think “we” can move forward no spreading that or those ideas (perhaps augmented or altered by your personal opinions, of course). It can literally be about putting stickers on lamp posts. It could literally that either you make your own version of things on some website, and we design a sticker together with this that or the other web URL on it (or multiple), both get to some company to let them make the stickers and then we just go out in our respective areas and start annoy the local population with our propaganda ;-). Although I’m always a bit hesitant about putting plastic pollution into the environment, and in that sense I might prefer using paper in the appropriate places, with non-environmentally damaging glue, or other creative methods which don’t hurt the environment. We could think about that.

It can also be about training for the expected tyranny, to buy weapons and get good at them (to the degree allowed by law).

What, if anything, would you like to do ? Are you interested in investigating the plan I am proposing further. Do you agree that land should be free for all ?

In the end, I guess, I’m looking for action. Talk is good, but useless if it doesn’t lead to actual results, action, effort of some kind.

Besides flying away to free land (which believe me, I would love to do that ! this whole society and population seems to be so utterly hopeless right now), what are your basic instincts on what needs to be done or what you want to do. Where do you see the basic problems in society, what would you propose we do about it. I can talk basically endlessly about what I propose, but if you write me what you think/propose, we could then try to work out where our similarities are and maybe actually try to do something, right ? We have to somehow try to find out where people are already on the same page with each other, and sort of punch on that card and get that part converted into action. It will probably be so easy to find differences in the million topics of the world, and then decide we can’t co-operate because we see one thing different. We have to get over that and at least co-operate on that point which we see the same, while trying to find out if where we have differences if we can somehow bridge those differences to also get on the same page there and then also get into action on that issue. The more similarity/agreement, the more action, right ?

It will be tough in a sense, to get people who disagree wildly on some topics, to co-operate with each other on at least some topics, but I think there is the power. We also don’t have to control others to do that, the thing for us (me in my case), is to just try to do that myself, and argue the case for its general application.

I guess if we take all our opinions, and we convert them into a flat large sheet of paper (say) on which everything we think is written, and then as if by magic everything that we think that is true that part of the paper becomes transparent, and everything we think that is wrong does not become transparent. Then the trick we (first?) would perhaps have to do, is to lay these sheets of paper on top of each other and just try to shift it around until we see light come through, there where our opinions are the same. On those points we can then move over into action of somehow, or see if action is possible. Where no light is coming through, would remain areas where further debate might eventually also cause light to shine, if the other or both could improve our opinion more from error into the truth.

Basically, we have to overcome the great Divide & Conquer system, which is really active and destructive. The only unity in the world right now, seems to be around the what often are lies of the mass media, while everyone else is almost splintered in thousands of little shrapnel and we all mostly focus on our disagreements rather than agreements ? How do you think we should overcome the Divide and Conquer ?

This was really too long after all, right ? Well, if so, don’t read it all, doesn’t matter that much to me. I like writing I guess, and it helps sort out my thoughts a bit more.

best regards,

¹) “… against us” … to the point of going to war on the new Sovereignty. See the issues described under method “o-6” (open front civil war) for some ideas on how to deal with gaining Sovereignty through war.

Propaganda work:

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