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The ‛World Socialist Web Site’ seems to have denied the posting of the following comment, under an article of theirs about the recent riots in the USA.



Someone wrote in the comments that the riots are a “Merely the prelude to socialist revolution”, and that this would require an Trotskyist Internationale with working class committees. It seems to be a call to repeat the 1917 experience, to initiate an enormous — perhaps world wide — planned economy (!).

Jos Boersema ➡ C.R. • 7 minutes ago Hold on, this is waiting to be
approved by World Socialist Web Site.

How about … our program will be to make sure every adult has their equal value share of land, as an inalienable right. Maximize business size to 2000 per company, maximize private wealth to 30 times the average in the Nation. Businesses are free to start for all, but if it has 10 or more employees and the starter leaves, it is forced to become a co-operative. The retiring owner get a share of future profits, the transfer is described in law (otherwise the owner will be abused by the workers – yes that will happen, because too many people are egocentric on all levels of society.) For profit investment is no longer allowed in dictatorial businesses, and bound to a maximum per person (this stimulates ‘crowd funding’ by the way). The State will initiate small funds, who give ‘micro credit’.

Our Nations should become democratic, which also means they need to be of a size that can be democratic (5 – 10 million people is already crazy large, quite to the contrary to what people seem to understand / agree with, because almost nobody is used to democracy in this world.) You can just forget having a democracy in the USA, it will by definition be a fraud thanks to its size. The struggle needs to be on a National scale (USA: by State), but these efforts can of course exist in solidarity with each other. One central global committee is too risky. They don’t know what they are doing because it is too large, nobody can influence them really because it is too large, it is a single point of failure, etc. (For complete program and methodology: market.socialism.nl)

In the same place of the seemingly denied comment, the following comment has been placed:

Hello WSWS.org. You have never replied to a recent message to you. Yesterday you seem to have chosen to deny me placing a comment in this very spot. I have made public notes about this here: https://news.socialism.nl/communication/wsws-org-denies-comment

If you have done these things in error, please let me know so that the situation can de corrected, thank you. Are you against freedom of speech, and if so then why ? I will record your answer or non-answer, thank you in advance

The WSWS has also not replied to a message sent earlier: https://news.socialism.nl/communication/hello-wsws-fourth-socialist-international/

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