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The following e-mail was presently received by undersigned, quote:


Hi Jos Boersema,
The YouTube Community Outreach Team regularly reaches out to users who may not otherwise get an opportunity to share their thoughts with us.
We’re reaching out to you because members of the community were concerned about some of the comments you’ve posted on YouTube. We’d like to hear about your experience – please take a moment to complete our survey and share your thoughts. We’re here to listen.
After you take the survey, someone from our team may follow up to better understand your feedback.
Take the Survey
We look forward to hearing from you,
The YouTube Community Outreach Team


The survey mentioned looks like this (partially filled out, but not submitted).

I assume this means youtube/google feels ready they can go to the next phase with their global censorship program, and pressure people like me now. For a long time they have been secretly deleting my comments, clearly done by an algorithm because it is often far too quickly for any human to even see the contribution, let alone read it. It is unclear to me what the algorithm is doing. It appears to be random, except it happens less at shorter comments. It seems to be an effort at general demoralization. Other people have reported similar and worse.

The claim about the “community” seems vacuous. Who precisely are the accusers, if not the youtube algorithm or its minions itself ? What is the claimed problem ? It seems possible that google will eventually terminate my account with them, at a time this is politically possible and helpful for the ruling class. This might be done across their platforms, which may include mobile computer phone applications and functionality.

If this is the way they are threatening people, the threat is potentially quite potent for many people (although not so much for me personally, I rarely if ever use a mobile phone and could do without google entirely). It may all seem to be innocent enough at first glance. Unfortunately it is not so innocent, if you know the history of support for mass murder by google / facebook / youtube by censoring the political opposition, and (as mentioned) deleting people their comments behind their back, blocking and deleting entire channels with important information, etc.

Youtube is as aggressive as any fraudulent ruling class mass media outlet about supporting Corona hysteria and the growing dictatorial measures around such fake news. For anyone in opposition to invasions of criminal Empire, the slide into tyranny across the world, or the limitless money printing at the central banks for that matter, it is clear what to read between the lines in a message from google like this. If the (would be) tyrant asks: “we heard some complaints about you”, you know what he is really saying: comply or face punishment.

Secretly deleting contributions to the platformy demonstrates they know they are guilty of an illicit act, or why would do so secretly ? Why not rather say that and why it happened, in an effort to prevent any breaches of reasonable regulations in the future. How is it reasonable to delete someone their contributions, which the platform in general is inviting, and not letting the person know their work was destroyed ?

This kind of activity, and the potential harm to other people’s lives if they where so targeted, shows once again the need for laws as proposed on this website (link). Companies should never become too large. Google will have to be made an illegal company, or to the degree it operates on the Dutch soil it can become a State company, under full control of our democracy. It could also be broken up in many smaller companies, to be then run as private enterprises. Such a measure is nothing more than enforcing long standing economic principles, which seem to have been eroded in the last few decades for no apparent reason other than possibly the influence of the far too large companies themselves. If this is not achievable due to international relations (the need for peace and avoidance of war / sanctions by hostile regimes, such as the USA), than we shall have to prohibit google from all activity on our soil, and the removal of all its assets. This is probably the wisest course of action.

The form was submitted with the following input, respectively:


「Please clarify your concern, thank you.」

「return e-mail given」

We shall see how they (and/or their algorithms) will answer.


7 Juli 2021

Update: The next day after replying to their message, an e-mail (link) was received. It contained meaningless although polite text, possibly generated by computer, 315 words long. It pointed to the “community guidelines” without being specific or giving a reason why, thanked me for my “feedback” (although I gave none), and they invited me to give more feedback (which I have not and will not).

Today, day of posting this update (7th Juli 2021), youtube deleted 2314 words of comments made by me, which was one in English (link) and one in Dutch (link). Some other comments seemed to stay on. No reason was given for the deletions. The deletion happened immediately, in an amount of time a human could not read more than a few words. One comment I have tried multiple times to repost to see if it would stick, but it did not, not even in the form of just an URL pointing to the content elsewhere. Needless to say, this disrupted a conversation I was having with someone. The English deleted comment so happened to be about the Jesus fraud system (religion), the second in Dutch was about Corona hysteria.

As to what comments get deleted and which don’t, the best thing I can come up with at this point: it appears to be a random harassment program, designed to demoralize a person from writing comments, without making it so obvious as to completely deny all possibility of making comments. It doesn’t seem to be about deleting everything with a URL, or with a certain word, or I just haven’t noticed what word(s) or which URL(s).

It might be that this is a testing phase for them, a grey area, where they simply start deleting more and more comments made by more and more people who argue the case for living in a free country, with a democratic Government under reasonable law, in peace and without corruption, slavery, war, terrorism, or fraudulent monetary policies and institutions (etc). The graded approach to the installment of a tyranny, which has been going on for decades but it has accelerated now with the financial crash of March 9th 2021 (conveniently not in the news, displaced by their “Corona” terrorism and lies), is reminiscent of other attempts at dictatorship / tyranny in (modern) history.

Censorship seems to be relatively harmless, especially for people whose priorities range from eating meat to driving a bigger car. Isn’t it their platform ? It certainly is their platform, however it is not civilized to delete things behind people their back, and not tell them why it happened. They also do everything they can to make their platforms the only ones available. Censorship precedes tyranny, and is an essential part of tyranny.

Once people can be silenced
they can be murdered
without their screams being heard.

History shows how the situation we are in is a critical phase. The enemy still feels too weak and is too scared to go door to door to assassinate people they don’t like, while on the other hand the decadent population pretends everything will “go back to normal”. The fakers who pretend to be civilized, champions of democracy, the rule of law, peace and due process are occupying the halls of power and influence, let the criminality of the ruling class get out of hand day by day (the crazed money printing, the wars, the growing torture industry), pretending nothing is wrong, filling their own pockets to make sure they get away with their cut.


Censorship in the Western World

See this story about how censorship is working now in some countries who are part of the same Empire as the Netherlands: (link)Dr Byram Bridle at Derek Sloans press conference – June 17, 2021”.

If the censorship is already reaching individual people with zero influence like the writer of this article, J. Boersema (basically ordinary citizen level), you can see that as circumstantial proof about the level of censorship against people who do have an amount of influence. Reportedly, the level of censorship has reached murder as well as torture (link) against journalists. This has been ongoing for years, particularly in the United States of America, and during its various invasions and occupations of other people their lands. The U.S. is the master of the western Empire, in which the Netherlands is a Vassal State (being conquered during World War II), hence the need for our interest in the United States. What happens there is bound to reach us in some way, as so much of American culture —or lack thereof— is spreading to our lands.

Propaganda work:

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