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The following e-mail was presently received by undersigned, quote:


Hi Jos Boersema,
The YouTube Community Outreach Team regularly reaches out to users who may not otherwise get an opportunity to share their thoughts with us.
We’re reaching out to you because members of the community were concerned about some of the comments you’ve posted on YouTube. We’d like to hear about your experience – please take a moment to complete our survey and share your thoughts. We’re here to listen.
After you take the survey, someone from our team may follow up to better understand your feedback.
Take the Survey
We look forward to hearing from you,
The YouTube Community Outreach Team


The survey mentioned looks like this (partially filled out, but not submitted).

I assume this means youtube/google feels ready they can go to the next phase with their global censorship program, and pressure people like me now. For a long time they have been secretly deleting my comments, clearly done by an algorithm because it is often far too quickly for any human to even see the contribution, let alone read it. It is unclear to me what the algorithm is doing. It appears to be random, except it happens less at shorter comments. It seems to be an effort at general demoralization. Other people have reported similar and worse.

The claim about the “community” seems vacuous. Who precisely are the accusers, if not the youtube algorithm or its minions itself ? What is the claimed problem ? It seems possible that google will eventually terminate my account with them, at a time this is politically possible and helpful for the ruling class. This might be done across their platforms, which may include mobile computer phone applications and functionality.

If this is the way they are threatening people, the threat is potentially quite potent for many people (although not so much for me personally, I rarely if ever use a mobile phone and could do without google entirely). It may all seem to be innocent enough at first glance. Unfortunately it is not so innocent, if you know the history of support for mass murder by google / facebook / youtube by censoring the political opposition, and (as mentioned) deleting people their comments behind their back, blocking and deleting entire channels with important information, etc.

Youtube is as aggressive as any fraudulent ruling class mass media outlet about supporting Corona hysteria and the growing dictatorial measures around such fake news. For anyone in opposition to invasions of criminal Empire, the slide into tyranny across the world, or the limitless money printing at the central banks for that matter, it is clear what to read between the lines in a message from google like this. If the (would be) tyrant asks: “we heard some complaints about you”, you know what he is really saying: comply or face punishment.

Secretly deleting contributions to the platformy demonstrates they know they are guilty of an illicit act, or why would do so secretly ? Why not rather say that and why it happened, in an effort to prevent any breaches of reasonable regulations in the future. How is it reasonable to delete someone their contributions, which the platform in general is inviting, and not letting the person know their work was destroyed ?

This kind of activity, and the potential harm to other people’s lives if they where so targeted, shows once again the need for laws as proposed on this website (link). Companies should never become too large. Google will have to be made an illegal company, or to the degree it operates on the Dutch soil it can become a State company, under full control of our democracy. It could also be broken up in many smaller companies, to be then run as private enterprises. Such a measure is nothing more than enforcing long standing economic principles, which seem to have been eroded in the last few decades for no apparent reason other than possibly the influence of the far too large companies themselves. If this is not achievable due to international relations (the need for peace and avoidance of war / sanctions by hostile regimes, such as the USA), than we shall have to prohibit google from all activity on our soil, and the removal of all its assets. This is probably the wisest course of action.

The form was submitted with the following input, respectively:


「Please clarify your concern, thank you.」

「return e-mail given」

We shall see how they (and/or their algorithms) will answer.


7 Juli 2021

Update: The next day after replying to their message, an e-mail (link) was received. It contained meaningless although polite text, possibly generated by computer, 315 words long. It pointed to the “community guidelines” without being specific or giving a reason why, thanked me for my “feedback” (although I gave none), and they invited me to give more feedback (which I have not and will not).

Today, day of posting this update (7th Juli 2021), youtube deleted 2314 words of comments made by me, which was one in English (link) and one in Dutch (link). Some other comments seemed to stay on. No reason was given for the deletions. The deletion happened immediately, in an amount of time a human could not read more than a few words. One comment I have tried multiple times to repost to see if it would stick, but it did not, not even in the form of just an URL pointing to the content elsewhere. Needless to say, this disrupted a conversation I was having with someone. The English deleted comment so happened to be about the Jesus fraud system (religion), the second in Dutch was about Corona hysteria.

As to what comments get deleted and which don’t, the best thing I can come up with at this point: it appears to be a random harassment program, designed to demoralize a person from writing comments, without making it so obvious as to completely deny all possibility of making comments. It doesn’t seem to be about deleting everything with a URL, or with a certain word, or I just haven’t noticed what word(s) or which URL(s).

It might be that this is a testing phase for them, a grey area, where they simply start deleting more and more comments made by more and more people who argue the case for living in a free country, with a democratic Government under reasonable law, in peace and without corruption, slavery, war, terrorism, or fraudulent monetary policies and institutions (etc). The graded approach to the installment of a tyranny, which has been going on for decades but it has accelerated now with the financial crash of March 9th 2021 (conveniently not in the news, displaced by their “Corona” terrorism and lies), is reminiscent of other attempts at dictatorship / tyranny in (modern) history.

Censorship seems to be relatively harmless, especially for people whose priorities range from eating meat to driving a bigger car. Isn’t it their platform ? It certainly is their platform, however it is not civilized to delete things behind people their back, and not tell them why it happened. They also do everything they can to make their platforms the only ones available. Censorship precedes tyranny, and is an essential part of tyranny.

Once people can be silenced
they can be murdered
without their screams being heard.

History shows how the situation we are in is a critical phase. The enemy still feels too weak and is too scared to go door to door to assassinate people they don’t like, while on the other hand the decadent population pretends everything will “go back to normal”. The fakers who pretend to be civilized, champions of democracy, the rule of law, peace and due process are occupying the halls of power and influence, let the criminality of the ruling class get out of hand day by day (the crazed money printing, the wars, the growing torture industry), pretending nothing is wrong, filling their own pockets to make sure they get away with their cut.


Censorship in the Western World

See this story about how censorship is working now in some countries who are part of the same Empire as the Netherlands: (link)Dr Byram Bridle at Derek Sloans press conference – June 17, 2021”.

If the censorship is already reaching individual people with zero influence like the writer of this article, J. Boersema (basically ordinary citizen level), you can see that as circumstantial proof about the level of censorship against people who do have an amount of influence. Reportedly, the level of censorship has reached murder as well as torture (link) against journalists. This has been ongoing for years, particularly in the United States of America, and during its various invasions and occupations of other people their lands. The U.S. is the master of the western Empire, in which the Netherlands is a Vassal State (being conquered during World War II), hence the need for our interest in the United States. What happens there is bound to reach us in some way, as so much of American culture —or lack thereof— is spreading to our lands.

Propaganda work:

7 thoughts on “Google social pressure attempt ?”

  1. I recieved the same message but i did not open the survey link.I don’t trust google,YouTube ,Facebook.Coming from an ex communist country i know they are are much worse because they are causing more harm with the help of the technology.
    I noticed i am shadow banned 7-8 years ago maybe on YouTube.Those days people were not aware of this type of censorship and they were not believing and we were testing by posting comments to see If other people are able to see them.We were talking about these issues on YouTube forum.Since then YouTube deleted hundreds ,who knows maybe thousands of my comments.And it’s so evil and disrespectful to just silece someone without telling him..Meanwhile he is watching your videos and ads and You as a platform are earning money because people are watching videos…There are no community standards or guidelines,they invented this just to give the impression,it’s the will of the majority but it’s not..It’s just a way to destroy or erase what you don’t like to see.For too many years i was deleted and discriminated in YouTube and Facebook.Facebook is doing the same…For years If i try to make another account in a day or two is deleted with the message :your account was terminated or in the past:We detected some suspicious activity ,help us secure your account by confirming your identity..Send us your ID card or your driver licence..In the past i was trying to recover the account but now i know it’s a waste of time because we are talking with robots not with real people.Facebook “punished” me 6 months ago for hate speech ,when i posted a joke,a funny picture.I did not agree IT was hate speech but two Times Facebook sent me the same message :We review your post and it’s hate speech.And for a month your comments will not be visible to others on the first page.They said also If i still don’t agree with their decision i can submit a report to some european organisation.I sent the report to that company and after i submited the form ,they told me If they can they will contact me but usually they are choosing a few cases,they are not checking everything.After a quick search ,the european organization is a company Facebook made just to give the impression of human rights and democracy.After couple of months i recieved a message saying your case was closed.And now after 6 months i have the same issues ,If i post a comment in Facebook i’m almost invisible.Durring the pandemic i posted against the government,doctors , policemans abusing people but although i was disturbing many people with my posts they didn’t have a good reason to delete my account.What they did was to make my account and posts less and less visible.But there is more to it.Exactly when Facebook punished me for hate speech ,youtube deleted on of my channels name democracy and freedom ,for serious violation of the community guidelines.I made a list with videos posted by other users with police brutality durring the pandemic.I did not post anything myself.So they deleted all the evidence of the crime commited by the government.They offered me a broken link to submit an appeal.I couldn’t recover my account.And i have another channel with free resources for people suffering from anxiety and depression.It was quite popular and i was happy to hear feedback from people saying my work is helping them.Now this channel is dead.No subscribers and no more views.From 100000 views on a video down to 100 views.In the same time tik tok a platform i joined few months ago dropped also my views from 20000 to a huhdred because some extremists ,pro abortion reported my comment .I did not insult anyone ,IT was just me against at least 20 “very sweet women”.When they saw i am better with arguments they reported me..All these things are giving me the impression these companies are working together and they have some sort of black list with people and If You are deleted from one network you will be deleted soon from other networks too.And like i said i never felt so discriminated durring communism like i feel today..For 20 years maybe more these companies discriminated me and deleted my “Voice” and opinions.I hope the society will wake up and force them to obey the law of the “real” world otherwise they will have more power then the real governments.Sorry for the long comment but i am not writing just for myself i am writing so others can see what these people are doing ,because these are very serious issues affecting us all.

  2. Hi,

    I just got one of these weird emails from the twisted mind-benders at Youtube/Alphabet/CIA. Expressing “concern” at some of my Youtube comments but without identifying any of my ‘wrongspeak’. Nor does YouTube identify the “members of our community” who allegedly objected to my words.

    Reminiscent of Soviet-era political psychiatry, where political dissidents were rounded-up for their ‘wrongspeak’ by the Psikhushka psychiatric Outreach Teams, for detention and compulsory ‘psychocorrective treatment’!

    Ironically, I rarely comment these days on YouTube. Since the Scamdemic, the odious BigTech platform has become so heavily censored that it is futile to type a message of more than a few words, for fear of watching it vanish instantly or else be subtly ‘shadow-banned’ out of others’ view.

    Censorship on the Google/CIA/Alphabet platform is systemic. And not just censorship on Youtube, but the entire Google/CIA monoculture.

    For example, on Google Maps, reviews of rogue businesses are routinely deleted by the communist perverts at Google, to protect bad businesses from valid criticism. Google is thereby undermining the very raison d’etre for leaving a review, which is to warn others, based on one’s own first-hand experience of a business.

    When I challenged this censorship practice on the Google forums, the anonymous astroturfing CIA/Google representative (“Google community volunteer”??) dismissed the idea that such censorship takes place. However this has since been shown to be another Google Big Lie.

    Google’s censorship of bad reviews is commonplace. Especially where that criticism relates to a business and its totalitarian behaviour over the coronahoax scamdemic. Confirmed by ReclaimTheNet.Org and eventually acknowledged even by Google/CIA/Youtube itself.

    In other words, the Google/CIA trolls lied in my face claiming otherwise.

    1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Google search engine reveals nothing about this weird email from Youtube. However, searching with alternative engines, such as Brave, Searx and Startpage, discovers the following:

      One poster left a message on the Google/Youtube forums about receiving this weird Youtube email. His message to Youtube querying their email was immediately ‘Locked’ by Youtube/Google/CIA, without comment, and with replies from others forbidden. Although judging by all the ‘thumbs-ups’ he has received from other readers, his questions are clearly of interest to many.

      A thread on Reddit (Gannett Corp) (also now locked) was started over two years ago by another recipient of this creepy Youtube email.

      A useful hat-tip is offered there. A web-link (copied below) for checking one’s own Youtube comment history, just to see what could potentially have triggered this kafkaesque email from YouTube. Though I can find nothing in my own Youtube comments history that could reasonably have left ‘members of our [Youtube] community “concerned”‘.

      A very recent youtube video on this issue, published 23 March 2022: “Is YouTube DELETING ME?! “Members of the COMMUNITY are CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR COMMENTS” by Jody Bruchon:

  3. Hello, just found this wonderful article because I just recieved this disgusting message from YouTube. I definitely know what it means and the threat they are pressing me with. This is not my 1st rodeo with these insufferable tyrants at all, and just like you have stated … ” is it just me or am I absolutely crazy?!? ” was the fight I had with myself this time last year. This time last year I was booted from YT without warning, without any strikes, without a reason except ” I violated guidelines ” I spent weeks trying to figure out how I violated these ” guidelines ” ( I’ve seen their community and trust me, THEY HAVE NO GUIDELINES! lol ) nobody ever responded to me, nobody was available to communicate with, NOTHING! I was a chemist for Dow chemical company for 14 years before I followed my dreams and opened up my own Art studio and Bindery. Iam now a full time professional artist and Bookbinder, plus an avid leather Craftsman. I was well known in the Art community, the Bookbinding community and the Leather working community. But my luck would so have it – iam a “dirty republican” and I don’t don’t people’s whiney crap. I think the modern day American woketard democrats, and libtards are absolutely rediclous and get to spout whatever they want… while of you have an opposing view, YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR ELSE!!! alot of these woketard moron on YT act so entitled, they bully everyone, they are completely disgusting with how they behave and act, THEY GET TO SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT, they lack common sense and run their mouth with feelings – NOT FACTS. So when these type of people are bashing on someone or stating false and completely made up facts… I put them in their place with facts and I would back my facts up. Well then you either put them in their place, OR you hurt their narcissistic – sociopathic egos and they report you. So I got booted right after I was having a back and forth with a brainless liberal hiveminded moron and I proved him wrong in the comment section. My comment had 246 people in it and I completely proved this person wrong infront of alot of people… so they must have went crying to YT and the next day I was booted. I lost all of my videos ( I had over 200 videos ) I lost all my subs ( I had over 200,000 ) I lost EVERYTHING. I ultimately had to delete and remove the YT app from my Galaxy note 20 and re-upload it. I then had to go through the process of creating a new email and account, it was back to square one! So I this time around after losing everything… I was upset, furious, angry..BUT subdued and I stayed quite. I let many people know what happened to me 1 by 1 and it’s been an ongoing process lol. I have not made any new videos and told people not to sub back to me, after I explained what happened ( because at a split second – I was erased off the plant to everyone ) and I just blended in with the crowd. I stayed quite for the 1st 6 months and saw the power of YT guidelines growing, and growing, and growing! They have been ratcheting up their censorship month by month, and show no slowing down. A person like myself can only stay quite for so long, but everytime I would write a comment I would proof read it 10 times and then just delete it in fear I would be kicked off again! Everytime I wanted to voice my opinion or add to a conversation, I had severe Anxiety and would start getting nervous I would be erased off youtube again. After a bit, I started thinking to myself ” no, screw this BS iam saying something and iam not staying quite anymore!!!” So that is exactly what I did… and wouldn’t you know it… my comments started disappearing! So I started to talk in code and communicate with others having the same issue of being censored. I swear that YT must have given me my own personal BOT that would proof read my comments and I was getting an ” a error occurred ” message everytime I would try to post a comment. So I learned that if I posted and then did an quick edit of my comment, they would stick lol. Well that only lasted for a month or so and it seemed like every comment I was writing was being removed! So just this morning I recieved the lovely message above ” from the YT community outreach team ” and I immediately knew that I was being threatened with more censorship. So I googled what this message was all about, and why I was getting it.. so now iam here. Iam absolutely pissed at this point and I’ve had it with these absolute tyrants. Iam tired of holding back my thoughts, my words and not being able to speak freely like everyone else. It is to demonize and demoralize you, it almost feels like your personal space and thoughts have been severely violated. I have not taken their ” survey ” yet, because I didn’t know if it would get me removed? or allow me to continue?!? I have read that the survey didn’t work at all for others, they would recieve error messages, and did work for others. Right away, I knew exactly where this message was leading me and iam not happy about this. When is this gonna end? Iam sick and tired of this and I have held myself back because of it. I want to create another channel and get my subs back.. but I refuse too, until they can’t just erase me off the internet again ( just because I said something they disagree with ) I have so much to say here and I haven’t even said all that I wanted to say… because I’d be here forever lol. So this is just a taste of what I’ve been through with these disgusting YT tyrants the past year. I really don’t know of I should reply and do that survey, hoping to get them off my radar? Or are they gonna kick me off because I don’t fill it out? There is no way that a live person is doing all of this.. its their algorithm and their bot goons! I don’t do well with people telling me what I can or cant do, I understand there must be rules. But when the rules are being written and revised in real time, and held over your head.. NO! I hate the fools that spread so much wrong information, false facts and narratives… and unfortunately YT is always on these people’s side. If you are a republican or conservative, if you are intelligent and can back up your words, if you dare to disagree with the ” tolerant left ” then you are removed without warning!!!! So I hope I didn’t just waste all this time writing this for it to be a trap lol see its even got me second guessing myself on Google now!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this reaches someone, because I feel like iam alone in this whole situation now. I feel like it’s only me that has been getting censored, yet refuses to stay quite about it! Most people just look away and say ” sucks for you, it’s not my problem ” so I’ll leave it here, for now and I hope this gets to the person that wrote this article. Just seeing this article gave me a glimmer of hope that iam not alone in this BS. Thanks and have a great one 😀

    1. Thank you for your reply, and thank you also for “not holding back”. I’ll admit I thought, wow that’s a lot of text ! But it was well readable all the way through. Your experience is similar to mine in terms of removing comments without warning or reason, but you lost 200 000 subscribers and 200 videos. This is just not normal anymore. I wonder if we are going into the territory of criminal activity, because the amount of work you put into that, which they invited you to do, and then they destroy it. How is this different from someone building a shed or house in a place where you said it was allowed and you could use it, and then once you have a running business there they go over it with a bulldozer. This is not normal anymore, is it.

      You wrote about you being a Republican, being censored by “the left”. Everything in terms of politics is such a total mess, I don’t know what any sort of labels mean anymore. I don’t know either how I could help you in any way, except perhaps you could study the proposal I have made on my website (for which this is the news-page, but I’m very happy to hear about censorship other people are being subjected to, at whatever length they care to write about it and however often they feel they want to, because that is more important than some trivialities regarding my website). My proposed way to “fight back” is rather detailed, it is difficult to summarize it. See

      You wrote “So I hope I didn’t just waste all this time writing this for it to be a trap”. I understand that very well. To be honest, I’m happy my website is still online. I am not in control of the DNS system (I think the USA is?). They can shut down my domain name any time they want to. Google is also horrible, I don’t know why they still send people here. In the distant past, I could find my own website on google. Now I can’t find my own page in a google search, and it seems to me all the other search engines are also compromised. Just so you know a little bit more: this is a website owned and operated by a single Dutch person, it is here for the common good, it is not a business.

      I always expected censorship to start sooner or later. It is now here. This is still the light version. The severe version of censorship, is murder. They’ll detect unwanted opinions, and then kill the people who voiced them. I mean literally physically kill our bodies. This is their goal, but they can’t do it yet. They need the right amount of hysteria to do it. I hope they never get there, but history shows they have a good chance of reaching their goal eventually. For this reason I proposed everything in one go. It is a complete system of action and post-Revolutionary stabilization. It can be downloaded for free, and spread in the public domain. I think it will be quite a challenge for people to implement the whole thing, but if it turns out people are too uncivilized, dumb and evil, it might still be possible to do a number of things, or use some parts which people can manage as a bulwark against the worst of dictatorship / tyranny. Most people underestimate the issues dramatically. Humanity is a fair amount behind what we needed to have learned thousands of years ago. This deficit has to be made right, and right now. Humanity has levels of technology which cannot be used for evil without extreme consequences. Humanity wasted so much of its time with war and evil, and now we are here. It was our own stupid choice to waste too much of our time, and now we have to make up for a lot all of a sudden. It is what it is. We caused it ourselves.

      Have a great day as well. (You are a leather working man, that’s quite interesting and wonderful ! Best of luck with this beautiful craft. Maybe you can also buy your own website, and somehow host your own videos on your own domain. I guess we fell in their trap, that they made everything free. But nothing is free. What they want, is our soul, as it where. They want to control us, manipulate us, and make us their slaves. Honestly, everything is so shaky right now, this even being my own website, I don’t even know if this will post and if anyone can read it …)

    1. Thank you for replying. The censorship is slowly but surely increasing, while the mass hysteria is increasing as well. If it isn’t their bio-terror (one way and the other), it is Russia or whatever else they can think off. I thought perhaps I am overreacting, so I am glad to see you also find their e-mail … “shady”. I suspect they write something touchy-feely trying to sound nice, so that we don’t have anything much to show to anyone, and it is only us who feel and know what this is about. We know what we do, they know what we do, we know what they do, but onlookers don’t often know what either of us is doing and why. If they can make themselves sound nice, it shields them from criticism from the onlookers and prevent us from getting support.

      I see in your channel that you have a lot of videos. The viewcounts are not very high but some are at least above 500, and the view counts could be manipulated by youtube (lowered). It is possible that they are following a strategy of even hitting on small channels which could become much bigger later. I think that is a certainty at this point. They might also dislike you if they think you are honest and not in it for the money or otherwise easily corruptible, or stupid, or having a rude/chaotic delivery so that they can use you to make fun of those opposing the ruling class. If you have enough good qualities, they start to fear you. Their ultimate fear is good honest people who are just not going to accept tyranny, one way or the other, and whose domination over the situation will imply the imprisonment of many criminals in the ruling class, and the strong if not complete dismissal of their power structures (companies, banks, etc). Their ultimate fear is competent good people.

      Probably this wasn’t mentioned in my above posting, but I have found that youtube is preventing some people to see each others chat on a live video. I was talking with someone, and with the help of the group I found out they blocked me from seeing one person their chat, and that person was also blocked from seeing my chat. I could only talk to him through the others. It was obvious to me and probably to the other one whom they messed with, that we where both more serious about things and what to do about it, than the others in the chat. In the sense like: get organized and ready for civil war. It didn’t seem random that we where the ones being blocked.

      At that point the weakness of the population started to show itself, because the group of people in that chat simply didn’t take any further interest in the matter. They simply ignored the topic. This is how the tyrants win, because too many common people are shallow and have no stamina. That was always obvious, it should only mean those who really do care need to do more, because in the end we are going to have to do everything ourselves. Ultimately it will likely boil down to: either the tyrants win, or good people win. If the tyrants win, good people will be killed in large numbers like under the Nazis. If the good people win, the tyrants go away to court and prison. Both groups likely do not represent a majority, although obviously try to get as much common support as possible.

      How did you find my website, by the way. At some point I assume they will block the domain name altogether. Apparently they aren’t there yet. I suggest you download my free PDF book “Distribute Power”, before they tighten their control. I wrote it in advance for that reason, so that it would be out before they could close everything down.

      Have a great day.

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